Kevin Spidel


August 2013 – Present

 Co-Founder & Director of Strategy

One of the Co-Founders and Managing Director of V Digital Services department for Voice Media Group. Within 5 years the agency saw 800% growth year-over-year. Services include SEO, Paid Media (PPC, Display, Social, etc.), Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Programatic, Real Time Bidding and overall digital marketing. Currently we have built partnership with other alt-weeklies, radio and TV broadcast companies who are white labeling and reselling our services. Clients range from national wine and spirit campaigns to local brick and mortar shops.

Clients included: American Apparel, Bedmart, Fascinations, Live Nation / TicketMaster, Ovation Brands, Chevy, Anheuser-Busch and

December 2011 – August 2013

Director, Social Marketing; Director, Voice Places

Director of all social web and user generated content strategy within Voice Media Group's ecosystem of content. Voice Media Group owns New York Village Voice, LA Weekly, Phoenix New Times, Denver Westword, Houston Press, Dallas Observer, St. Louis RFT, Miami New Times, Minneapolis City Pages, OC Weekly & Broward/Palm Beach New Times, Topless Robot, and Toke of the Town. The collective VMG community is nearly 4 million community members (social and email.) By implementing Livefyre, opt-in automated marketing, and #demandgen content on social and email channels I was able to grow the active user base to over 6 million (monetizable) engaged re-marketers a day whom shared, linked, commented, and/or contributed to content.

In addition to Community Architect for Voice Media Group I am also leading the product development and business strategy for A web service / mobile app that showcases professional and user generated reviews from local authorities including professional critics from all of our markets as well as partner publications. I managed a complete UX/UI redesign which launched in June 2013 focused around repurposing evergreen content (reviews of locations and events done by our city critics) around local search intent. Developed and managed key partnerships including an exclusive partnership syndicating all of Voice Places events into Foursquare.exness mobile trading

I build brands. I also build talented teams to help build brands. Currently building Voice Media Group's Digital Agency team and managing great brands like Chevy, American Apparel, Cabo Wabo, 3 Amigo's Tequila, Village Voice, LA Weekly, Phoenix New Times, Denver Westword, Miami New Times, San Diego Reader, Tribune Broadcast, and hundreds of large local and small/medium sized businesses.

I have managed over $50 million in Paid Media campaigns over the last 7 years between Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Spotify, Pandora, and Ad Exchange networks. I have built and manages teams related to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (Pay-Per-Click), email marketing automation, content marketing, web design, digital sales, and various other online marketing channels. With a background in voter file management/marketing during my political years, I approach marketing with psychographic segmentation and semantic data.

In essence, I am a social data geek and a revenue builder.libertex


2001 - 2003

Northern Arizona University

Masters (Incomplete) & Professor -  Public Administration

1998 – 2001

Arizona State University

B.A. In Political Science and Religious Studies


Infusionsoft 80%
Salesforce 85%
Marketo 70%
WordPress 85%
Search Engine Optomization 100%
Nonprofit Management 90%
Public Relations 90%
Fundraising 90%
Email Marketing 95%
Political Campaign Management 95%
501(c)3 Lobbying / Advocacy 95%
Grassroots Activation & Mobilization 95%
Social Media Influential Marketing 100%
Multimedia Production 75%


@kspidel is a self-proclaimed “recovering political hack turned web marketer” and “professional wet noodle thrower.” He’s also a badass marketer who paces the GennettLocal halls in Phoenix as resident badass marketer. There are political reasons we could never recruit Kevin the original and he loves his job, anyway. That said, there must be a Brindle-fly solution of some sort back to the future. Right?
AimClear Staff - 2011
(MY PROFESSIONAL PERSPECTIVE on Kevin) Kevin is one of the most talented people in media. He is a mentor and an educator. His strategy behind execution is bar none. I am so lucky to worked with him -- in fact all 1,000 of the employees are. (MY PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE on Kevin) To be clear, when Kevin walks into a room its like receiving that long straight piece in TETRIS. Everyone is just like..."Awe, yes, things are about to get good now." Sometimes when I see him, I just want to run and hug him for all the amazing stuff he does. But I don’t do that all the time, because I don’t really like to run. To be clear, I pretty much only feel comfortable when Kevin is around. He is the sweatpants of my life.
Kurtis Barton
Group Publisher & Vice President of Digital Strategy, Voice Media Group
Kevin is one of the greatest inspirational mentors I've ever had. Far ahead of his time, he pushed me to think bigger and to better understand deeply rooted connections between customer, community, and product. Kevin brings an infectious energy, endless strive to improve product, and his knowledge in the space that is unrivaled. His passion for Community & Semantics will shake up any company he graces for the better.
Michael McEuen
Michael McEuen
Director of Marketing, AdStage